Species composition and diversity of freshwater snails and land snails at the swampy areas and streams edges in the urban zone of Douala, Cameroon

Edith Laure KENNE, Jeanne Agrippine YETCHOM-FONDJO, Mohamed Basile MOUMITE, Sedrick Junior TSEKANE, Babell NGAMALEU-SIEWE, Boris FOUELIFACK-NINTIDEM, Miric BIAWA-KAGMEGNI, Patrick Stève TUEKAM KOWA, Romaine Magloire FANTIO, Abdel Kayoum YOMON, Rossi Merlin KENTSOP-TSAFONG, Armel Moise DIM-MBIANDA and Martin KENNE.

International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Volume 15, Number 4, August 2021, Pages 1297-1324. 8795-IJBCS

[Fulltext PDF] [DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.4314/ijbcs.v15i4.2]